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Columbia vs. Tulane MPH


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Please help! I legitimately have equal reasons to choose either school.


Tulane Pros:

I already live in New Orleans

My parents live in New Orleans

My SO will attend Tulane Law

Lower cost of living and (most likely) lower tuition

Good adviser


Tulane Cons:

Charges by credit hour

Epi department seems disorganized


Columbia Pros:

Flat rate tuition

Ivy League

Has an Epi sub-specialization in my field of study

Large Epi department with a lot of funding

New York City


Columbia Cons:

SO expensive for EVERYTHING

Would be alone in NYC

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I just accepted an admission to a state that I have never even been to before over a school 20 minutes away. Forget about who you know and don't know. Your only real concerns should be cost and program.


I would go Columbia.

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Unless you have financial support through a scholarship or fellowship, If I were you, I'd go to Tulane. They have a good PH school that is well ranked. Is not like you are choosing to go to the cheap crappy school versus the good and expensive one.


If you are looking to pursue a PhD later on, a Tulane degree should open doors to other prestigious insitutions with funding. If you are seeking to get a job right out ot school, Tulane is good enough as well.


Being away from your SO may tax your overall happiness. Struggle financially may tax your academic performance and moreover, you have to ponder what your career goals are and if attending Columbia, besides the fact that is an Ivy league, is worth the debt you will incurr.


This may be a late response and I am sure you made up your mind already, but just offering my belated opinion :)

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I went to Columbia SPH, and for you, Tulane sounds like the better option. Tulane is a top school of public health, it's cheaper from you, and you will have social support and a lower cost of living. Although I do feel like your education should come first, if you have two equally good choices having the support of your significant other and your parents can help be a tiebreaker. And trust me when I say living in NYC as a broke grad student is not the most fun in the world.


You can't go wrong, but it feels like you are leaning towards Tulane and just feel like you can't turn down Columbia because of its reputation. I give you permission :D Tulane is awesome!

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