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Psycholinguistics info needed!


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I am going to finish my MA degree in HK soon. And I am planning to further a PHD study in psycholinguistics which interests me a lot. But I have some problems with choosing the right program. Could anyone tell me the information about the programs in America? I think I am quite into the language processing and production if the sub-fields are mentioned. 

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Just so you know, GradCafe houses Linguistics under Social Sciences. (It's a totally understandable mistake, though, since so many US universities house the ling departments in humanities.) If you're interested in psycholinguistics, some good places to look would be University of Maryland, MIT, a few of the University of California sites, University of Chicago, University of Connecticut...there are definitely more, but these are the first that come to mind based on my own grad school search. Also these are more syntax-geared, I think, so if you're interested in something like experimental semantics, you'll need to do more digging or ask someone who's more in that field. These are also all linguistics departments--I know that there are psychology and cognitive science departments with good psycholinguistic work, but I don't really know which ones. I would suggest you look at recent papers that interest you and that reflect the type of work you might want to do (in terms of the questions asked, the approach taken, etc.), and research the authors and their departments. That might at least give you a starting point.

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