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so can anyone translate what this actually means?


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I STILL hadn't heard from any of the schools i applied to today. I'm a grad student now so I've been through applications before and in the previous time, all my rejections were sent in late Feb/March. So I decided today to email the programs and ask what was up. These were the responses that I don't know how to interpret:

School 1 said "Your application has not been rejected however, it has not been submitted to Graduate Division for admission approval. We don't usually send rejections until after the April 15 deadline. I have copied [removed]Admissions Committee Chair as he may be able to provide you with some feedback regarding your application."

So at first I'm thinking so i got rejected, they just haven't sent out the rejections yet. But they specifically said i wasn't rejected? should i hold on to hope, or am i rejected?

School 2 said "I've check and as of now no decision has been made - I'll forward your e-mail to Admissions." I interpret that as the program doesn't want me, so they're sending it to the graduate school to reject me. How could they not have a decision BY NOW?

Any input?

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My opinion is that in both cases, you are effectively rejected. Sorry :(


For school 1, it sounds like they are going to reject you but are just waiting until after April 15 because it is their policy to not reject until after April 15. Perhaps they do this in case so many people decline offers that they might need to make more offers after April 15.


For school 2, they have not made a decision by now because it sounds like this school also only makes "acceptance" decisions before April 15 and wait until later to reject.


Edited to add: It's possible that in both cases you are on some unofficial waitlist (since it sounds like the schools do not reject until they've filled the class completely). However, since it is now April 14, I would expect you would be informed you are on a waitlist at this point so I feel like it's more likely you are rejected than waitlisted. But you're not actually rejected until you are rejected!

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I think the first one means you are unofficially on a waitlist. If all spots get filled up then you will receive a rejection and should a spot open up then you might get an acceptance. The second one could mean the same thing or it means you are rejected. At U of T, for example, you get the same message (no decision has been made) if you are not accepted.

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I agree with the waitlist theory, because that would explain the significance of April 15th.  It seems as though they are holding out on your application in both schools, just waiting for the 15th to roll in so that they can see if they will be needing you as an alternate.


The only other explanation I can offer is that they have already rejected you, but it was so close to the deadline (and the wave of admits and rejections that would be sent out afterwards anyways) that they decided to hold off on notifying you until they notify all the rest.


Unlikely with two schools, however.  I am betting waitlist and hoping for an acceptance.  Keeping fingers crossed!

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