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I think my application got put under somebody's desk leg to balance it.


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Ok, not really.


I emailed the department about two weeks ago and was told all decisions were forwarded to the graduate school.  I waited until today and emailed the graduate school and said, very nicely with self-deprecating humor included, "If I'm rejected please tell me so I can start looking for a job."


Got "We haven't gotten answers on 5 or 6 applications, and you're one of them"  as a response from the graduate school admissions office.  My husband views this as a positive...he thinks I'm on a short unofficial waitlist.  I view this as my application being misplaced somehow...perhaps as it was shared around for laugh by a stressed out admissions committee, or it got lost in interdepartmental mail somehow, or coyotes ate it.


Thoughts? Commiserations? Job offers for me due to my ability to retain a sense of humor under stress?  





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I have the same situation, except that they told me that I was on a waitlist, very late in the game. Up until then I'd been "no decision about your application has been reached yet". I still haven't heard a word and I am hoping it is because a whole crowd of people let the deadline pass without taking offers and now they have some sorting and accepting to do.

Sounds like that is what is happening to you as well. I hope so! I hope today will be the day and not in a negative way.

Ughhh. Jobs. I still remember back in the day when I applied for those, thinking my masters studies would give me an edge over the bachelor crowd. Until someone came along and told me... You are what they call overqualified. But also underqualified for science. Get a Phd.

So now I work in a gas station and volunteer. I am not sure you want to join me, although humor is useful in this field!

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It sounds to me like you and the other 4 or 5 people are right in the borderline of accept/not-accept and the profs are probably waiting to hear from their current outstanding offers to decide how many more offers to make. 

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Thanks everybody.  And thanks for the job offer at the gas station....though I'm not really open for international travel for a job...even such a prestigious one.


I'm thinking I'm on the line between acceptance and rejection as well.  Mind you, the school in question has a terminal Master's program I didn't apply to...maybe they're debating bumping me there?  I dunno.


And if it WAS the coyotes I hope it gave them tummy aches.

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It is also sadly possible that the waitlist is now being processed in waves, much like the applications often are. I would imagine they extend the first offers post deadline and give those people a couple of days to decide, then work their way down if those people decline. And so on.

If that is the case I must be pretty low down, just like I once speculated.

Such a depressing theory though. I'd much rather hope it is just taking forever to get my funding package organized. Lol.

PS. All this time on Gradcafe is making me play little guessing games... For example: every time I see someone post "let's make a Facebook group!" or "Facebook group linked here:" I am willing to bet money on it that it's someone from a masters program in speech pathology. Watch for it guys. I'm serious. Lol.

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