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Got 0 accept, 7 reject. Should I reapply next year in the same program.


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Probably not at the same school, unless you do something to strengthen your application a lot. Perhaps this is a sign you aimed too high. Re-evaluate, do what you can to improve your application for the next season, and choose realistic programs to apply to next time (it's possible you chose realistic schools this time, and you were just unlucky, but it's hard to say).

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^ I second the above post. Try to strengthen your profile this time (more work experience, better essays, better GRE if applicable), and bump off a couple of high-ranking schools from your list and apply to some others.

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You could also ask the programs their reasons for rejecting you (in an appropriate way, of course). That way you will know what you can improve, and if it's feasible to make those improvements before the next application season. 

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