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Urgent Question on Financial Documents

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On February 17th, I was awarded a five-year graduate scholarship which covers an annual stipend of $21,000 and a full tuition waiver of $41,560. I received the admission package on February 23rd with an instruction to submit a copy of my international passport and other documents which I sent on February 25th. I was patiently waiting for the I-20 form when I suddenly received an email from the international office informing me that they have received financial documents of $62,560 (stipend and full tuition waiver) but they need a proof of financial support of $1261 because the total fee of my program is $63,821. I am preparing to use the bank statements and affidavit of support of my mother as proof of financial support of $1261. I want to know whether the proof of scholarship and bank statements of my mother which covers the total amount of my program is sufficient as financial documents or will I be asked to produce more financial documents at the embassy during my visa interview.








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aren't the financial documents supposed to all be in your own name? i.e. a parent's bank statement is no good.

I believe a parent's bank statement + an affidavit of support from them is okay.

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