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Teachers College Columbia vs. NYU Steinhardt.. Help!


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I was accepted for an MA in International Education at both TC Columbia and NYU Steinhardt and need some advice in choosing a school. Here are some pros about each:


1. NYU is in a great location with an easier commute. I found it to be friendlier and more progressive. It's one of the best schools for global study which I find as a plus as that is my major. However, it is more expensive.


2. Although I heard mixed reviews about TC, it is less expensive and Ivy League. Although it is not as difficult to get into as Columbia, the Ivy League on a resume may be really useful in terms of career opportunities and may give me a leg up. However, they don't offer practically any study abroad opportunities which is crazy to me considering the nature of the program.


When I visited both schools, I was more drawn to NYU. However, I wasn't able to visit my specific program at TC Columbia and I wonder if I would think differently about it if I had during my campus visit. 







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Can you provide more context?


How much more expensive is the first school? (There's a difference between something being $10,000 more expensive and something being $50,000 more expensive.) Does this first school allow for travel?


Also, what sort of mixed reviews have you heard about TC?

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