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EIT/FE exam help and advice

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Hey there, i graduated with an undergrad degree in Civil Engineering 2 years ago and have been gaining experience on the job since then. I need to take the new cbt fe exam in a few weeks. Ive been studying alot but the one area i have issues with is the proper unit conversions for problems.

Where can i go to learn and better myself on this issue? I dont want to get to the test and get problems wrong because i dont properly convert my units for the correct answer.

Thanks! Any advice would be appreciated

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What may help is to try to get a copy of the equations book they give you with the exam..at least at my university they have extras. That will allow you to be familiar with what they give you and possibly memorize a few so you know them off the top of your head.

Hope this helps.

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Does anyone know how long does it take to get the certificate? The board received my application and cashed my check in early April, but I still haven't received it yet.

Any info will be appreciated. Thx!

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@ Horizons1:


I took the ME version, but since everything is electronic now, I think you can get the reference handbook in PDF form (I remember doing this and I still have mine). There's a conversion factors page on there, so that should help a bit.


@ NBB:


I think it takes a few months. My form is dated January 30, so I must have mailed it out with the check early February. I didn't get the certificate until last month or so. I think the date on the certificate says it was approved mid-April.

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