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Language Sample Analysis Assignment HELP! :(

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On the assignment our pretend client is  4 years 9 months and in the Transcription form I've noticed that she uses  object pronouns instead of subject pronouns 

Examples: "Me play with my friend Molly and Hadley." " Him is cute. " Me think it was about a pony name Pinkie Pie and her go to a party.":

She also leaves out the word are

Examples: "What we going to do now?" "They at home in bed." "They making pancake and jumping on the bed."


How would I to write that in a report under syntax? How would you word it? Is it normal for her to be doing that at her age?  

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If your teacher is willing I would ask in office hours. I don't remember learning specifically what that's indicative of or if it's common. I only say this bc if it were my prof she would be looking for a specific answer that you may not get from peers in different programs.

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I would first calculate her MLU and figure out her Brown's stage, if necessary. It looks like in this case, despite her age, it would be. It looks like she is sometimes deleting the uncontractible auxiliary ("What are we going to do now?"), contractible auxiliary ("They're making..."), and contractible copula ("They're at home..."). Those are the later developing morphemes, but most children have acquired them before the age of four. As for the pronouns, subjective pronouns are usually acquired before objective, so the child should be using them appropriately. Do you have a language development textbook you can refer to? That has always been a big help for me (as well as SALT). I agree that you should speak with your professor, but MLU and sentence complexity are typically what I have learned to focus on. 





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