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Korbel (60%) Tuition or Gtwon SSP- No funding? Security Studies


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Howdy all, 


Down to the wire on this decision. Korbel is a hometown school, solid, full-time security program, and that mythical Denver weather. Or, a dream school like Gtown SSP with zero funding, which would require a somewhat miserable existence taking on loans and working full time to cover living in DC. 





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I am in pretty much the same position - Korbel versus Johns Hopkins SAIS.  Going to SAIS would put me in twice as much debt as Korbel (and probably then some, considering the difference in cost of living between Denver and DC).


I'm leaning pretty heavily towards Korbel.  IR is just not that lucrative a field in general to justify the excessive debt, and applying for the DC program at Korbel can make up for some of the lost networking opportunities.


I'd love to hear other opinions, though.  I'm putting off my final word until the last minute tomorrow. :)

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