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South Carolina MSW?


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Do you have your field placement all lined up? I took care of that while I was in town this last week so I'm all set.


I also found an adorable rental house, met some cool people, and am impressed with Columbia. 


The campus is SO gorgeous, and everyone was so friendly, kind, and helpful. 


I can't wait to leave California and get back to SC! 

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That is awesome! I already sent the paper work for the field placement, so I guess I am all set. 


I can't wait to move to SC either! I think Columbia is a nice little college town. 

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This is so exciting!! I haven't been able to find anyone else who was accepted into the program at South Carolina. I got in Tennessee as well and they have given me access to blackboard, where many students are getting in touch with each other. But South Carolina doesn't have anything like that that I am aware of. Have you guys heard anything regarding financial aid? Scholarships? I was offered work study, but I'm really hoping to get an assistantship. And I'm so behind! I'm lagging on my placement paperwork, I'm going to go ahead and send it in this weekend. I also plan on attending the June 12th orientation if anyone else is going to that one. I'm so ready to meet people.

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Hi there - 

I was offered an assistantship a month ago (I applied for when I submitted my application for admission). It provides in-state tuition, and a small stipend, in exchange for 7.5 hours of work per week with a faculty or staff member. I was also offered loans.


If you're in GA, you may qualify for tuition reciprocity (?)


I suggest you get your field paperwork in asap - when I was there on Monday I was told that the sooner the better, because students admitted earlier have already done it.


I plan to attend the 6/12 orientation, too.


I am very energized by the department, the faculty I met, and the overall program. The dean is very hands-on, and makes herself available to students.


In fact, here is Dean Anna Scheyett giving a TedX talk, "Social Workers as Superheroes": https://youtu.be/A27QjpQ_Ieo?list=PLsRNoUx8w3rPWs2Coobs858iEzbJwkG6w

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