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Bonn , Germany


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I am thinking of applying to the university of Bonn for a masters in mathematics.. However , it concerns me the issue of language ,as my German are in an amateur level, and the adaption to the university's enveronment.. The programm is in English but i suppose that the non-German students must be much less than the German.. So how easy will it be to socialize (in and outside of the university) ?? Are there enough European students?? Is the use of the German language inevitable beyond the classes??

( I know that there are respective programms in Munich and Berlin , but these are much bigger cities and meeting people who do not speak German in a good level and are in a situation like me is much easier.. Also , friends who live in Berlin have confirmed that for me.. But i expect Bonn to be much different.. and that's why I am asking.. )

I am willing to improve my German but because of the fact that i am during my military service i cannot dedicate time to this task.. The first months in Bonn concern me the most..

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My cousin attended Uni Bonn as an Undergrad and I know that 95% of German students speak a very high level of English. As for other people in the city, there are very, very few people you wouldn't be able to communicate with in English. So, no, it is not inevitable :) You should be very comfortable.

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