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Realistic Grad MPP Options


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I just took the GRE last monday. And I got 540 V and 650 M. My undergrad GPA was a 3.1. But I got it a Georgetown. Yeah, its not terribly impressive but it was the best that I could do. And I honestly don't plan to take that test again. I'm looking to gather a realistic range graduate public policy programs that offer a strong international development background. On the plus side, I have worked for three years and spent the last year interning in South Africa and Nigeria. Please pass along your suggestions.

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Seems most i-dev schools look for a strong quant background -- and your GRE Q score may not reflect that very nicely. One year abroad is good, but out of three years total work experience I think some of the more competitive schools might consider that underdeveloped. Your saving grace can definitely be your personal statement, so do take your time with that -- it really can become the swing vote factor in a candidate's application!

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To be honest, if you're planning on taking out 100K in loans to do a masters, you probably want to make damned sure you're going to get into the best program you can. As I'm sure you know, ID is a very competitive field, and going to a top program is pretty important. Why not just take the GRE again and get the best score you can, especially your Q score?

Also, can you be a bit more specific? What is your work experience, what were you doing in Africa, what area of development are you interested in?

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