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Aspiring Au.D student


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I will be applying to graduate school for Fall 2016. I am 2 semesters away from graduating from San Jose State University majoring in Communicative Disorders and Sciences. Some schools that I am interested in applying to are as follows: University of Pacific- Oregon/SF, University of Washington, San Diego State University/ UC San Diego, Northwestern University, James Madison University, and I'm open to other suggestions...

I am hoping to hear from other graduate students that have been accepted into the following programs or just any program in general. I would like to know the GPA, GRE scores, volunteer experiences... Basically what made one a great candidate to be accepted.

My GPA is not that great. Major is 3.33 and overall is 3.44. I have not taken the GRE yet.

As for volunteer work: Filing at an audiology clinic and sometimes being able to observe, 25 hrs of community hearing screenings, and just starting to volunteer at a hospital for Newborn hearing screenings.

I would appreciate the help and feedback!

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I was accepted into University of Washington and Pacific University this cycle. Here are my stats....

GPA - Maj: 3.98 Cum: 3.77

GRE - v: 152 q: 154 w: 3.5


-over a year of experience preforming hearing screening on newborns at a local hospital

- 15+ hours of community/school hearing screenings

- 30+ hours of clinical observation

- assissting in tutoring sessions for audiology classes at my undergrad university

Some other things I think really helped were asking for LORs from professors and audiologists that I have worked closely with and know me very well as well as touring the campus and department before applying.

Hope this helped!

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This helps! But I am worried since my GPA is not that high nor do I really have close relationships with any professors. They will however write LORs for me...

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I wouldn't worry too much about GPA. Most schools like to look at applicants as a whole and take everything into consideration. Also, your experiences seem solid but i would definitely try to do a bit more hours of observation, maybe in different focuses of audiology. Observations are where i have built many of my relationships with professionals in the field. 

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We are on the same boat! I have an overall GPA 3.3 and Major. GPA 3.349. I have a year of experience working as an audiologist assistant and have yet to take the GRE. I am so scared to apply, every year there are more and more applicants! I will be applying for Fall 2016 to San Diego State , Univ of the Pacific. ( Oregon and. San Fran ), Utah state, A. T. Still , Idaho State, Texas Tech(1st choice) , Salus Univ, NOVA and Univ of North Texas. Best of luck on the application process!!

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I did so bad on my GRE... V: 143 Q: 144 W: 4.0

I'm not sure if I should retake it because I honestly do not think I could do any better. And the test is so expensive! What should I do? 

I want to attend University of Pacific in SF. My GPA is still a 3.5 overall and 3.2 for my communicative and disorders and sciences major. I still have been volunteering for newborn hearing screenings and volunteering/observing an Audiologist at a clinic. 

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I totally understand where you are coming from.  I currently go to Baylor University. My GPA is not very competitive and because I switched majors so late in my academic career, I did not build the relationships I needed to build with my professors.  I have gotten my recommendation letters, but I'm afraid they are not competitive enough.  My Major GPA is around a 3.55 and overall is about a 3.38. Fortunately, I did pretty well on my GRE: V: 152 Q: 158 W: 4.0


I have shadowed an Audiologist who is writing one of my letters of recommendation so I'm hoping that helps me out.  While I am from Texas, I am looking at a lot of programs up north.  I visited the University of Pittsburgh, but did not have enough time/money to visit the other schools which I think might hurt me.  


I am applying to:  University of Pittsburgh (dream school), Salus University, Texas Tech, West Virginia, Ohio University, LSU, West Virginia, and probably a couple other schools.  If anyone has any advice, please let me know.  I would also love to know where everyone ends up at! Don't give up, fellow AuD applicants! :) 

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