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ThM degrees??


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I haven't seen many discussions regarding this topic, so I thought I'd ask:

Where are some good schools to go to for ThM degrees for New Testament? I was interested in Harvard, but it seems like HDS is not really in discussion as a good school to go to anymore.

What do you guys think of:

(1) Fuller Seminary (Pasadena, California)

(2) Harvard Div

(3) Duke Div

(4) anywhere else??

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Thanks guys

I'm actually at Talbot right now, so I was hoping to broaden my horizons a bit, so wanted to get some input about what the strengths/weaknesses of some of the schools mentioned above might be?


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Hi ms114,

I just graduated with an MTS from Duke div, and I think it's a great program. I'm not an NT guy, but I know that Hays is good, and Kavin Rowe, though young, is brilliant. Two things to keep in mind: 1) Duke is more open to admitting people from conservative backgrounds than any other school of that caliber. I know of a couple people from Biola/Talbot that are here at the moment. Being dominated by post-liberalism, we tend to be get along well with people on both sides. 2) At Duke, biblical studies is more theological than at most other schools. You would be encouraged to discuss the tradition of interpretation and the implications for religious practice in addition to the standard text and form critical aspects.

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