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How does NYU-SCPS evaluate candidates for Public Relations?


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I'm a rising senior at the University of Florida majoring in public relations/communications and I'm wondering if anyone knows the specifics on how I would qualify to be admitted into NYU-SCPS for the PR grad program. I'm an extremely strong writer and I have a lot of experience with PR internships over the summer in new york with very credible companies and PR positions during the school year, but my GPA is not my strong suit. I know that NYU definitely has a standard for their admissions and evaluates candidates in all aspects, but does this graduate program specifically take more consideration into someone's experience in the field over GPA? I plan on taking the GRE also. I'm going to retake a few classes to bring up my GPA, but I'm basically just worried that it is too low (it's above a 3.0 but not close to 4.0).

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I'd look up the profiles of current students in the program to get a sense of what the admissions committee looks for. However, know that SCPS is often considered kind of separate from NYU, in that it's viewed as being much easier to get into and not a discerning school.

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