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  1. It seems like this depends on the department. I asked some current students, and even within my department, some professors/students leave for a large part of the break, and some come in during the break (except for the Christmas/New Years week) and expect you to work as well. Guess we'll find out soon -- but I'm already planning a trip somewhere warm during the break too!
  2. Think of it this way -- once you get into a graduate program, it'll be behind you. You can excel in the grad program and then that'll be what anyone cares about going forward. For now, focus on making the jump to graduate school. You need a succinct story that explains your initial failures and highlights the fact that it's in your past and you have done good work since then.
  3. I'd look up the profiles of current students in the program to get a sense of what the admissions committee looks for. However, know that SCPS is often considered kind of separate from NYU, in that it's viewed as being much easier to get into and not a discerning school.
  4. Sure! I've heard bad things about Cornell's on campus housing from current students, which is why I didn't apply there. It's crazy how fast and early apartments seem to go there!
  5. No, I would much rather get a place off campus. On campus housing is never a good option from my knowledge/experience. Hoping to look online this weekend for places! You?
  6. I would cover all bases possible -- reach out to faculty in advance, apply to a wider range of schools, and get new recommenders. LORs are really important and I think not having professors as references could have been a major weakness in your application.
  7. OMG. Well, congrats!! It's frowned upon, but if Gradcafe is any indication, it certainly happens. Are you thinking about accepting?
  8. Hi everyone -- I'm heading to Cornell too! I'm definitely a little concerned about hunting for housing long distance. Is anyone going to Ithaca to check out places in person?
  9. I cannot fathom someone making this non-issue into such a big deal. Like everyone else in this thread I feel inclined to encourage OP to choose school B, but this has to be a troll.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. A friend of mine was in exactly the same position and deferred her offer by a year while also applying to other programs. The second time around, she got full funding from the same program. Applying a second time isn't pleasant, but extremely common -- and hopefully it'll be easier because you're already familiar with the process. Good luck!
  11. Congrats! And you never know, you might be able to collaborate with that professor in the future even if you're at Stanford.
  12. Congrats!! I may be going somewhere really cold for a lot of the same reasons.
  13. Oh, nice! That sounds promising. RPI seems like a really cool place -- what did you like about it during your visit?
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