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I have been reading a lot on how to make my application stand out from others, and I came across a blog where it said Graduate programs look for students who have performed or helped on research during their undergrad or leveling.  Would any of you happen to know where I could do any research or how to go about getting started? I would love to add this to my resume but do not know where to begin. Now that I am done with my leveling, I plan to apply to grad school for Spring admission.  I have emailed some of my professors, but no response.  Any information you can provide will be gladly appreciated.

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Are you in an on campus undergrad program currently? I did some research in my undergrad through the Psychology department. It wasn't related to SLP at all but still helped to beef up my application later on!

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While research is good, it isn't completely necessary to get into grad schools, especially if research is not your focus. Make sure the schools you apply to fit your interests -- if research isn't a priority for you, then it shouldn't be a huge priority of the schools you apply to. I emailed every grad school I applied to in advance to ask what their priorities are, and almost everyone was super friendly and open in their responses to me. I was even told not to complete a thesis, since research was not essential to that particular program. 

That being said, if you are still interested in getting some research experience, emailing your past professors seems like a great start. You could volunteer in a lab - I know many graduate students would gladly accept the free labor. Oftentimes, departments will have information on current research posted on their websites. If not, you could email the department head or faculty members directly and ask if they would like a research assistant. 

Another option would be to forego research and volunteer at rehabilitation centers, schools, etc. with current SLPs. Good luck! 

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