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Scored 4.14 on TA Evaluation, Should I Remove TA Eval Scores From My CV?


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I have been a TA for 4 classes so far, and I received a lower eval in one class than I had anticipated. Are there any guidelines for what constitutes a bad rating? Should I consider removing all average TA Effectiveness rating from my CV?


For the first two introductory courses I was a TA for in the fall I scored a 4.7/5 and a 4.73/5.


This semester I was the TA for a Junior level course, I received an eval of 4.14/5, and an introductory course (still awaiting my scores).



I have been including my average TA effectiveness on my CV. Will including this 4.14 look bad (i.e. should I remove all evals from my CV), or is this a (low but) acceptable rating?

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I'm not sure that TA evaluation scores are even worth putting on your CV. They're very subjective. If only 4 students out of 50 filled out my TA evaluation and they gave me 4 poor scores...does it still mean that I'm a bad teacher? From what I've seen, the students usually evaluate the course rather than the TA: if they struggled with the course material then they will give a poor evaluation of the TA (regardless of how much control the TA had over the course content, or how much the TA tried to help the student). On the flip side, perhaps a GREAT set of evaluations just mean that the TA was a super-lenient grader and gave everybody an A without actually teaching them anything.


Who are your wanting to read your CV? If it's non-academic company employers...TA evaluations won't matter. If it's academics, then I think you could get away with simply listing the courses you've taught and summarise your responsibilities. Feel free to include any awards you receive at a departmental level for your teaching, but don't bother with evaluation scores.

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TA evaluation scores should not be on your CV. You can include them in your teaching portfolio if you really want to have them in there somewhere. When you're on the job market, some schools ask for copies of your evaluation scores. If and when they do, you include all of them unless they say otherwise.

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