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Which test would be better for someone wanting to pursue a master in the Marketing area?


I read that the GMAT is accepted in more business schools when compared to the GRE test and that the GMAT is mostly used for pursuers of MBA degree, I plan to take an MBA in the future so if I take the GMAT to be accepted into a Master program will it be possible to retake the test in the future to use for an MBA program?

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Hi Squexy,


Schools will vary on which Test Scores they accept, so before you commit to studying for the GRE or the GMAT, you should research the Schools that you want to apply to and see what they require from applicants. Many MBA programs now accept either Test Score, but it's better to know for sure (and a little web research should get you the info that you need).


GMAT scores are valid for 5 years after the date of your Test, so you could conceivably use one score for BOTH your Master's applications and your MBA applications. In the event that your Score expired before you applied, then you would have to take the Test again. Many applicants choose to take the GMAT more than once and Business Schools don't care how many times you take the Test, so there is no harm in doing so.


Have you done any prep so far for either Exam? 

When do you think you would want to take your Test?


GRE Masters (and GMAT Assassins) aren't born, they're made,


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