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What is a typical PhD stipend in Paris? (UPMC, ENS etc)


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Dear all, 


I've searched online and it's difficult finding a concrete answer. Does anybody know what a typical stipend from UPMC or ENS is paris would be (based on personal experience or what you've heard)? Specifically in the sciences. It's strange to me that the schools do not really mention these figures. Thanks in advance!





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Typically, 3-year contract of <1,500 EUR/month.


That's after tuition and taxes; nominally a doctoral contract is for 1,685 euros/month (that's without TA; with TA you have to do TA for 2 hours a week for a couple hundred more)

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La rémunération minimale s’élève à 1676.55€ brut, par mois, lorsque le doctorant exerce exclusivement des activités de recherche [art. 1 et 2 de l’arrêté du 23 avril 2009].

Si des missions d’enseignement [d’expertise ou autre] s’ajoutent aux activités de recherche, alors le montant de la rémunération sera fixé à 2014.63€ brut mensuel.


So 1'676 euros "brut" (about 1350 euros take home + you still have to pay taxes on that the next year) if you just do research, 2'014 euros brut (+/- 1'615 euros take home + taxes) if you do research + teaching. It's a minimum salary; there can be some add-ons depending on the institution, but that won't be much more money.


(Caveat: this is the 2009 decree; it has evolved a bit,  +/- 10 euros / month)

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