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Research Methods or Quant Methods?

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My university allows Ph.D. students to take Master's level Research Methods and Quantitative Methods classes as electives if the student feel that he needs a refresher. I sorely need a refresher in both. However, the university made a scheduling mistake for the fall semester, and both classes are offered on Monday at the same time ,so I am forced to choose.


You guys have a lot more experience in this than I do. Which is the most important class to refresh?


I took a quant class way back in 2004 and I don't remember any of it. Similarly, I don't remember any of the research methods class either...


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It depends on what your research is going to require. If you're going to be doing quantitative research, then make sure you take that class. If you want or need a broader overview of research methods, then take the more general course. If this is a two-year program that you're doing, you should ultimately have the opportunity to take both. In my experience, the broader research methods course is the most important to take first since it can help you see the range of possibilities for your thesis research. YMMV, obviously.

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