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2 Year MPH or JD/MPH?


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Looking for some advice from people in policy and government:


after accepting a 2 year MPH program, I've been admitted to law school in Canada (where I'm from and would want to live in the long run). 

I'm considering to transfer into a 1 year accelerated MPH program (in health policy and management) so I can do both law and public health.


My goal is to work as a consultant/advisor in the public sector in terms of informing health policies and helping out with their implementation. (Specifically in emergency management)

Do you think a MPH is enough to give me a head start in this career path? Will I be missing out on a valuable year of education and networking if I switch from the 2 year to a 1 year MPH program? 


Any advice or perspective will be helpful!


(Also - finances are not a deciding factor here, as I'm eligible for scholarships and aid in Canadian law programs, and tuition is a fraction of the cost of American law programs)

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I think that an MPH in health policy and management is probably enough in and of itself to do what you want, and that you should only get a law degree if you actually want to be a lawyer.


However, I think you should take stock of the field. What kinds of degrees do people doing the job you want to do have?

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