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Multiple Advanced Degrees?

The Spartan Poet

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Hello all,

I am roughly two years away from reaching ABD status in Classical History and have considered pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing immediately after completing my dissertation. I was a History/Creative Writing dual major in undergrad, so it is not a completely unrealistic possibility. My plan (hopefully) is to land a tenure track job in Ancient History and write on the side (and maybe teach a creative writing class or two when the opportunity presents itself). I have found a few programs that I could realistically complete the coursework in a year, so it would only knock me out of job applications for a year. Has anyone here pursued this route (in the humanities), and if so, did you find it to be worth it in the end? Do you think any departments would actually hold it against me? Intellectually speaking, I would love to do it. My concern is that it may have a negative impact on landing a tenure track position. I would, of course, take a position in Creative Writing if it were tenure track as well.

And, I should mention that I am a veteran, so I will have at least one year of support remaining after completion of my History degree (tuition, fees paid as well as a housing stipend) in addition to any funds provided by the department. For the duration of coursework, I would be fairly comfortable financially.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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