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Biochem PhD with just Micro BS? Possible?


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I really enjoy immunology/biochem related research and would like to pursue a PhD in this area. Is it possible to get accepted into a decent program as an international student with US Micro BS and Chem minor? I feel like most programs look for things like lots of math and P Chem background but I dont have any of that.( Just some extra Chem classes for minor) I have a decent gpa 3.7 and hope for the best with the GRE. I have 2 years research in proteomics lab. What do you think?

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Why not? You don't have to have done a Biochem BS to do a Biochem PhD. As long as you have some cursory knowledge and are willing to pick up new skills, you should be ok. Do well on the GRE and take the biochem GRE to prove your skills and you should be good to go. 

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