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Using a table from an article

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I have in my thesis 12 tables that I created from my own data, and 5 figures. I am also using a table from a study that was similar to mine, for comparative purposes. This table was copied and pasted from the author's pdf, and is cited properly.


At the beginning of the document I am to list on three separate pages all tables, figures, and illustrations that are in my thesis.


I am not sure if I should label the borrowed table as Table 1 in the list of tables, list it as an illustration, or leave it out of my list pages.


Any thoughts on this?


Thanks in advance.

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While the exact rules/policies of your school should prevail, I agree with Between Fields and think you should 1) include it as a table in your list of tables and 2) recreate the table yourself, using data from the other table. Another reason is that If it's just an image that is copied and pasted, then a reader cannot "search" to find key words in that table!

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Also, according to some rules tables and figures are copyrighted, which can be problematic in a thesis because (at least with mine) I had to certify that I owned the copyright to everything in it. But there's nothing stopping you from recreating your own table/figure...

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