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Hello everyone! 


So coming up in the Fall, I'll begin sending out grad apps and my dream school would be University of Washington, specifically for their MedSLP program. I know that UW is in like the top 5 schools for speech path and is therefore really competitive. Those of you who have been accepted to their program (regardless of whether or not you accepted their offer), what qualifications did you guys have? 


I'm currently studying for the GRE in August. Other than that, criteria that I have so far: 


CSD/Major GPA: 3.89 

Cumulative GPA: 3.54


And some of the volunteer experience that I'll have on my resume include being a live in camp counselor for a summer camp with kids & adults with disabilities, a current NSSLHA officer, and I will be starting an student internship at the UC Davis med center in the fall. I also will begin training in the fall to be a shelter advocate for Asian/Pacific Islander women & children. 


Is this enough? I'm worried that I won't be competitive enough to be considered and I'm stressing out a lil'. Any insight and advice would be so appreciated! 

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I will be in the Med SLP program starting Fall 2015! I'm really excited!! My overall GPA: 3.88, CSD GPA: 4.0, GRE Verbal: 162, GRE Math: 150, Writing: 4.5. I've worked in 2 research labs on campus for 1-1.5 years and have done 2 years of volunteering in the field. I also worked at a summer camp for children with mental and physical disabilities for 7 summers. My advice is to have 3-4 strong recommendation letters and have a really great personal statement. I would start brainstorming/drafting a personal statement now and have your teachers and anyone you know in the field edit it. I would also recommend setting up an interview at UW if you can! Good luck!!!

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Hi! I got into University of Washington for their MedSLP program! 

Honestly, I was pretty shocked when I found out I got in, but I think I have a general idea of why it is that I got in. My general idea is that my application profile is pretty diverse. I got my undergrad in Psychology from UT Austin, then followed that up with leveling done at UT Austin the year after I graduated. Overall, my GPA isn't stellar (3.48), but it isn't awful. However, I started my freshman year with a 2.8 (too much partying, oops lol), and was able to pull my GPA up from that to a 3.48. So I think that actually looked pretty good for me. My last few semesters I averaged a 3.75 GPA. My SLP GPA also stood around a 3.75 when I did my applications. I got a 159 Verbal, 154 Quantitative, 4.5 Writing on my GRE. My greatest application strength (in my own opinion), is the fact that I made sure I had a variety of different experiences to put on my Resume/application. I worked at a camp for kids with Autism, volunteered in a stroke rehabilitation clinic, worked in 3 different SLP and psych based labs, had an internship at a counseling center, and volunteered in a hospital. I obviously did not do all of these things at the same time lol, but I made sure that over time I accumulated as many different experiences as possible to put on my application!


Hope this helped a bit, good luck in your applications!!

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