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V152 Q167 AWA 5.5 WHat are the chances for top MPA/MPP programs?


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I have the following GRE scores:


verbal 152

Quant 167

AWA 5.5


Can someone please help me what chances do I have of getting into the top tier universities for an MPA/MPP program? I would like to apply to HKS, SIPA, TUFTS, Berkeley, Princeton, NYU and CMU.


Thanks a lot,


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you are right. But I was just wondering if this score is fine, provided other things are good? A GPA in top 80%, work experience of 2 years working in a developing country. 

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Hi Umair45,


When discussing any individual's "chances" at getting accepted to any particular Grad School, there are a number of factors to consider beyond the GRE score - you seem to understand that. There's also HOW you "market" yourself to a School - through personal statements, essays, interviews, etc. Beyond having the qualifications, you also have to communicate that information effectively.


Have you discussed your profile with an Admissions Expert? Those professionals tend to have much keener insights into the process (and into individual Schools/Programs) than a group of random strangers will.


GRE Masters aren't born, they're made,


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