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Csudh fall 2015


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I guess since there's no thread for csudh, I figured I'd start one.

Any updates?

CSUDH is notorious for taking forever to send out notices. Like, seriously forever. Longer than LB.

I was told that they're still reviewing applications and that they would continue to do so until both cohorts were filled.

They told me they'd hope to have my decision by mid to the end of June. I applied to CMH and right now it's my second choice next to LB.

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That is so true. There is no thread for CSUDH. I got in back in Januarty, submitted my application in October. I called because the university still hadn't sent me an acceptance confirmation and it's because the program hadn't filled all the spots yet.

But just last week I was emailed my package to fill out for first year field placement. So I emailed it back and will be dropping it off this week.

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I got my email for orientation date(s) and had my field interview. School starts in a month and I'm excited and nervous. Anything back saidypooMSW?

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