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Apartment to live

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Guys, how do you look for an apatment to live in?

What things do you consider when you choose an apartment?

I`m going to move to Laramie in August, I plan to live in university apartment although I doubt that I`m doing right thing as I have heard that they have very strict rules, so they can charge me more than I expect.


What do you think guys? Please, share your experience

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I made a trip to the university town in April and looked around. The most helpful thing I got was the city's Apartment Guide, which had a listing of each complex with what type of apartments they offered and their rental rates, whether they allowed pets, etc. I used this with a paper map to explore the town and look at the different rentals, collecting phone numbers off of "for rent" signs as I went. I also looked on Craigslist for people who were subleasing, because the typical rental period here runs from August 1 to July 30. In the end, that's what got me settled - someone was moving out in May and wanted to sublease for two months. I met the landlord and wound up signing through the following year as well.


You might also contact the administrative assistant of your department and ask them if they can email out a notice that you are looking for a place to rent. This kind of networking can help you find a place that is well-run and not populated by noisy undergrads. In addition, it might end up placing you as a neighbor (or roommate) with one of your graduate classmates.


For example, I wound up in an old home that is subdivided into apartments, largely populated by young faculty and other graduate students, near to campus. I am also aware of some other graduate students who had good fortune finding roommates through the University's off-campus housing website, so check to see if there is anything like that for your school.

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