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MBA potential reaches/targets/safeties?

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Hello all, I am currently serving in the military and I am looking to utilize the GI Bill once I finish my current enlistment. I am considering a combined JD/MBA route and going on to specialize in either contracts or trade law but as I've yet to take an LSAT I can only get diagnostics for the MBA portion of my program.


UGPA 3.74/4 (Tier 2 Public, usually ranked around 90-110)


Majors: Philosophy, Mathematics


GRE V:166 Q:162 (should I take the GMAT or are these tests given equal value? GMAT conversion places my score at a 700)


GRAD: MA in Religion (Ivy), MA Psychology (regional public, earned while serving full-time)


Work Experience: One year teaching high school, six years enlisted military (3-4 years in Special Operations, creating political, cultural, and communications products for foreign audiences)


Other relevant Pros: intermediate proficiency in Farsi (Iran) and Dari (Afghanistan)


Reaches: Harvard, Dartmouth, MIT


Targets: Cornell, Georgetown, Boston College


Safeties: Stetson, U of Florida, Florida State


Thanks in advance!



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