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How to keep in touch with professor


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I got an offer for PhD for fall 2015 from my professor which I couldn't accept due to my ongoing MSc. It will be completed in October 2015. I asked for additional time from my POI and he told me that he will let me defer to spring 2016. Now, I am confused about how I should keep contacting him. I would appreciate any valuable advice on this matter.

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Sounds like you will start in Spring instead of Fall. I would say thank you for being allowed to defer, and ask if you can contact him with any additional questions should they arise.

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If you haven't replied yet, then reply, thank your professor for allowing you to defer, and say you are excited to begin your studies in the Spring. 


I'd contact him again in October, when you are done with your degree, to check in and let him know that everything went according to plan. If you are so inclined, you could ask if there is anything he recommends you do to prepare for your new program (but if you need to take time to rest or do other things, there is not obligation to start work early).


Around that time you could also start thinking about immigration-related issues, if you are not a US citizen (assuming that the Spring semester begins some time around mid-January or February). If your school hasn't contacted you with information by then, you could ask about that and also about setting up a school email account and other bureaucracies. These may not be questions your professor can answer himself, but he might know who to direct you to. 

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