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Scholarships for International Aerospace Engineering Graduates Studying in the US

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I've been accepted to two US universities to complete an aerospace engineering M.S. program, but these acceptences unfortunately come with no form of funding. I was recently turned down for a Fulbright scholarship for a second time after having made it to the final interview stage twice (I delayed my entrance to the US by a year to try for a Fulbright a second time after the first rejection), and although extremely demoralized, I realise that I need to move on and find another form of funding as soon as possible. Having had a look around, it seems that there are many scholarships for US students studying abroad, but not too many for foreign students studying in the US (I apologise if I am completely wrong in this respect!). Furthermore, it seems like many scholarships are also extremely specific (i.e. female studying human rights law (nothing wrong with this, I completely understand why it is the case)), and thus I was hoping that fellow gradcafe-ers might be able to shed some light on where I may be able to find a scholarship for a foreign student studying aerospace engineering in the US (or a general scholarship such as the Fulbright program that caters for all degree types). I thought about contacting private aerospace firms or even government agencies in the US, but have a suspicion that funding opportunities from such entities would be close to nil. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The best bet would be applying for loans and grants from your home government, and taking out private loans. Global Student Loan Corporation allows you to take out the full cost of attendance, however, you must have a cosigner from your home country.



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Any chance you can get yourself a research assistantship? Have you contacted any professors asking if they're taking any students? A lot of students manage some form of an assistantship after they arrive on campus.


Have you considered a PhD?

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Apologies for the extremely delayed reply. As far as I can tell, the universities that I was accepted to (one of them was the University of Michigan which I see you're attending :)) considered me for TA and RA appointments during the selection process. With regards to doing a PhD, unfortunately I don't think I'm ready for that yet (or prepared to stay in academia for the next 5-7 years) and would prefer to get industry experience before attempting a PhD, just to "see what's out there".

Lately I've been thinking if it may be worth re-applying to some more universities for fall 2016 in order to possibly find some funding. However, I've already confirmed my acceptance to a particular aerospace program which I deferred to fall 2016, and was wondering if this would be a cause for contention and possibly nullify my deferment from said university if they find out that I'm applying to other universities.

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