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Worried about signature


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So, I know this is probably nothing, but I'm really worried.  I took GRE on Thursday in a country in which I am not a citizen.  I did really well on verbal and math and felt confident on writing.  However, my fear is with the signature.  On my 6-year old passport, I have a very official looking signature, but on the first sheet at GRE I just gave a typical squiggly signature.  The guy there asked me to rewrite, which I did.  Then I had to sign the sign-in sheet, which I signed looking like my passport.  On the sign-out sheet, I was tired (after 4 hours of the exam) and signed it more "in-between"- that is, not a squiggly, but still not as official looking as my passport and the sign-in signature.  When I was leaving, I thought I heard him say something about the signature (to himself, not to me).


So, am I freaking out over nothing?  I am afraid that my scores will be cancelled or withheld, which sucks as I gave what I think is my best performance on this exam.  Also, the country I am currently in is well-known for corruption- although at the testing center everything is very professional.   

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