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MPP program prerequisite classes


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I attended undergrad between 2007-2011.  


Here are the pre-reqs I have taken:


Business Calculus (2007)

Statistics (2008)

Principles in Microeconomics (AP credit in high school)

Principles in Macroeconomics (2008)

Intermediate Micro (2008...C+ Grade unfortunately :/ )

Intermediate Macro (2008)


Which would I have to re-take before applying for MPP programs this fall?  And which should I take?

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Hi SP108,


Your course selection will depend on which institution you plan on attending. Many of the classes you list are core classes, so you may be able to exempt them in graduate school (provided that you did well in them). I am at CMU-Heinz, and we had the option to sit for exemption exams for some core classes. My advice to you would be to reach out to the schools you are applying to and see what their policy is.


Depending on your program, some intro to finance may be helpful.


Best of luck!

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Thanks for your response.  All of the above classes are B and up except intermediate micro.  I was worried about a few things


1) Principles in Microeconomics class was AP credit in high school and I made a 3.  I am not sure if that's high enough.  And I was worried it might not be accepted by these schools.

2) Intermediate Micro...I made a C+ in this class.  

3) It's been more than 5 years since I have taken all these classes.


Hence why I wanted to know if I might have to retake any of these classes *before* applying to schools as they might affect my chances of getting into the schools (?). 

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Hi SP108,


I would recommend you retake Principles of Microecon since you took it so long ago and didn't do amazing on the test. Besides that, I think you're set in regards to prep courses for policy schools. I would now focus on getting a high GRE score that will bolster your candidacy.


If you're feeling extra paranoid about your actual ability to remember what you learned in those classes, you can retake any of them that you like. Focus on the basic offerings in Stats, Econ, and Calc.


If you want to take some extra classes for your own enrichment and to possibly supplement your MPP studies, I highly recommend Accounting and Corporate Finance—just the introductory levels of each. They will help a lot with the more managerial-oriented classes you take while in policy school.


Best of luck with your applications!


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Appreciate the advice Kaneisha.  Regarding the time frame for when I should take the course, would I need to complete it before I send in my applications?  Or if I state that I am committed to doing it on my application, I would be fine? 


I also took a powerprep test and made a 160Q/152V.  I have a 3.47 GPA. I don't know how to feel about that.


Thanks again :)

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