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What biology/ biomedical programs that have a potential for biotech industry


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Hello everyone, 


I'm applying for graduate school this December and I need some guidance in regards to choosing and deciding the subject of my studies. 


I have a foreign MD degree, my primary plan is to finish PhD in either Immunology or Molecular Medicine and then to apply for medical residency programs ( speciality : clinical pathology ). I have the option of applying now but first I need to take USMLEs ( US medical licensing exams ). I won't have a good chance if I do so since I'm an international graduate who graduated more than 5 years ago which will badly affect my application. My only way is to get PhD/ 1st author paper/ high USMLE scores to be considered as a competitive applicant. 


I did two years of pathology research at an Ivy league university, have 3 publications ( not a first author). Hopefully, I will get good LOR from my mentor, my GPA 3.7, haven't taken GRE yet, I'm a US citizen. 


Getting a spot in a residency program is getting harder every year for foreign graduates. I don't know how it's going to be in five or six years from now. Because of that I started to consider an alternative plan. I don't wish to finish PhD and fail to to get accepted in a residency program and then work as a postdoc. I will be 37 by that time, I have family, It's going to be very tough for us financially during graduate school, there is no need for the misery to continue afterward.


My questions : What biology/ biomedical programs that have a potential for biotech industry and businesses. 



Thank you 


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Getting an immunology PhD would still allow you to work in the biotech industry just to let you know. My question is why don't you just take your USMLE now instead of in 5 years? IMO I don't see a point in continuing in research (i.e. a PhD) if your ultimate plan is to practice medicine. 

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Thank you for your responses Eteshoe and Ballwera, 1- I've applying for postdoc. positions for over a year, It seems that a first authored paper is a must to get such a position. I always search at postdocjobs.com, please let me know if you know better sites. 


I tried to take USMLE clinical skills and failed, I still can take it again of course but having a second attempt + being an old graduate would make my chances very low. Only a PhD or postdoc fellowship can put me back on track. I chose phD because - to my knowledge - it's the only way to get higher education and have a little money to support my family

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Hi again, do you think  PhD programs in clinical and experimental therapeutics/ drug development is more desirable in have more options in industry?


Another thing, a friend of mine told me that for a scientist to work in industry is like reaching a ceiling, means you can't make progress there in term of job ranking and income. 

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A PhD in experimental theraputics is usually viewed well since a lot of industries want someone who can carry out translational work (i.e. going from basic bench science to the drug applications).


If you are a competent scientist in industry you will usually be given increasing responsibilities with every successful promotion cycle. Then you would most likely be moved into technical management. Either way you usually will continually progress and get paid more. 

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