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San Diego State - Culture, Program, etc?

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Hi all,


I am planning on applying for my MSW this fall. I recently started considering San Diego State as an option, which I hadn't before. I was wondering if anyone has any insight on the culture of San Diego, info on the program etc? I know there are other threads abt San Diego State but they are mostly people talking about their admission and I want more information about the school and city and whether or not I should apply. How is the city for SWs? I'm definitely more left leaning, so I'm concerned about the culture of San Diego. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks! 

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Just from personal experience, I think SD in general is a diverse area. I'm not sure what area SDSU is in or what the school culture is like, but SD tends to have a variety of cultures and people like Asian Americans, Latinos, etc. I have only visited a few times, and the people there are pretty friendly and relaxed. Again, I don't know if that is indicative of the school culture, but those are my observations!

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I have lived in SD my whole life and unfortunately I am leaving to pursue grad school in a different state. San Diego is great because it has so much diversity, not only culturally, but also professionally. You could really pursue any type of social work out here and if you are into mental health, military, or medical social work, there are so many sites here that can cater to that due to the large volume of military populations here. There are also numerous non profits and social service agencies that offer internships and experience in a variety of specialties that I researched and even became a part of. I will be honest and say that I am afraid of leaving San Diego because I doubt the state I am moving to (North Carolina) will have as much diversity and job opportunities. 


Now apart from the school aspect, SDSU is in a part of SD that is pretty centrally located. You are near some major highways and you can really get anywhere in San Diego county pretty quickly. You can find every type of person out here based on your interests. Hipsters, partiers, studiers, cross fitters, vegans, meat lovers, liberals, conservatives, they are all here! 


Your school population will also be diverse, while there are large numbers of minorities here, it balances the scales really. You'll find so many people with different backgrounds, it'll add to your experience and insights gained to learn where others in the same place came from. 


If you are up for the experience I would say go for it. SDSU seems to have a great and prestigious program, I am applying there too even though I will be in a different state, but I know a few people in their program that have loved their experience. 

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