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  1. Personally, I would take USC off your list - expensive and overrated.
  2. bump! any other future cal msws floating around on this thread?
  3. I had a 3.8 ugrad GPA, graduated in 2014, did a lot of volunteering in ugrad and one year of americorps. i would definitely recommend waiting a year or two after graduating to apply it makes you much more competitive and gives you good experience and perspective. i also think what helps is having a very clear direction and population you want to work with. all of my volunteer and work experience was generally in the same area, so i think that helped a lot too. they want to know you know the field and have a clear path. of course you don't have to stick to the same population, but they want to
  4. @TaylorKS I've heard that SF State can take until May D: they are the worst!
  5. Hey all! Thought I would start a thread about UC Berkeley for this fall since i didn't see one. Who else has been accepted?! or is waiting? Alums, care to share tips, tricks, advice? So excited!
  6. I have a question about Berekeley. I got an email from the Social Welfare department about my acceptance (yay) and in the letter it said that 'official notification of admission to the University will follow shortly from the graduate division.' I was admitted Friday morning, and now it's Wednesday morning. I'm wondering how long 'shortly' is? When should I expect word from the university at large? Thanks
  7. Congrats on being waitlisted! I went to a informational session last fall when I was applying a few students on the panel were waitlisted and got off and were accepted, so there's hope yet!
  8. holy shit i just found out i got into Cal!! And i got a fellowship holy shit!!! found out via email
  9. For Cal they said 'around March 15' so I'm assuming next week is when they're gonna roll in. Can't imagine admission decisions going out on a weekend but who knows.
  10. I am still waiting to hear back fro SJSU as well. On the survey I said i was interested in both online and on campus, hope that increases my chances of getting in and I agree - I wasn't a fan of online at first but the more I've thought about it the more beneficial it seems, especially since I live in SF
  11. Omg that's awesome! Congratulations! How did they notify you - via email? I'm hoping to hear back soon ugh.
  12. I applied to SJSU and am waiting currently! I emailed them and they said " We will begin to admit people this month and will continue this spring. Your information about admission will be sent via email."
  13. did you apply anywhere else? I just applied to Cal, SF State (who take notoriously long to reply) and San Jose State (I have NOOO idea about there response time) so I'm in it for the long haul lol.
  14. waiting from Berkeley too! They said we should be hearing around March 15. So I"m thinking late next week things will start to roll out.
  15. Waiting on Berkeley too @anony2888! Good luck.
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