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  1. I actually declined - I accepted SFSU.
  2. Received an acceptance to the campus program today, via email.
  3. Got an email today with an acceptance for SJSU. That took forever! Mt portal status hasn't changed tho.
  4. I'm starting at SFSU in the fall 2016, doing the MSW program. Just got my acceptance and just started looking for housing - I'll be moving up from the LA area. Anyone else headed to San Fran?
  5. I just had a phone call today (May 6) offering me a place and I accepted! The lady said I would be receiving a letter and email soon. Very excited. Re SJSU, I emailed them, and had a email back saying exactly what the website says - "pending dept review" - which it still says. Good luck everyone who is waiting.
  6. Just got an email from SFSU saying my app had been referred to the appropriate grad dept for review - really! Only now!
  7. Looking back at previous year's, SFSU takes forever, lots of complaints about it.
  8. Has anyone heard from San Francisco state? I called them today, and they said they would be completing replies in 1-3 weeks. I wondered if any have been sent out - seems like they would, but I can't find anything on the forum. I also called SJSU and they said all should hear by end of April. I've narrowed down my options but wanted to hear from them all before I make a final commitment.
  9. Just got emailed from CSUF for an interview, but it isn't until May 3!
  10. I am on the wait list for SDSU and spoke to Liz there today. She said that people who have been offered slots for the 2 and the 3 year programs have until 4/15/16 to pay their deposits. After that, any unpaid slots will be offered to those on the wait list. There are 20 on the wait list. She will let those on the wait list know by 4/19/16. Of course this is for 2 and 3 year programs, so I could be offered a 3 year spot but only want 2 year. All this differing dates for accepting etc is driving me nuts!
  11. Of the acceptances I've had, I've narrowed things down to these three (San Marcos, CSUN and Chico.) I'm still waiting to hear from SJSU, SFSU and Sac State, and am wait listed for SDSU. Of the three I've been accepted at, any advice for helping me narrow it down? I like San Marcos a lot, but it is a very new program (started 2013) and won't be accredited until summer 2016. Also, do people accept offers then change their minds when a later offer comes in which they prefer? Thanks for your help!
  12. I got an acceptance 2-3 weeks ago, and also just got an email via their webmail about an orientation meeting on April 7. I'm also supposed to receive a packet via snail mail before then, but no sign of it yet. I haven't been asked to pay a deposit at all either, as yet.
  13. Congrats! Please could you tell us how you heard? Call, personal email, college email? Thanks!
  14. Eeekk, anyone heard anything from anywhere else yet!
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