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  1. I am currently on the waitlist for Berkeley. Hoping I will get in! I applied for the CMH track (which I've heard is one on the more competitive tracks :/ ) hopefully I'll hear something soon! I'm anxiously waiting.
  2. Anyone recently waitlisted for UC Berkeley's MSW program? Or any current students accepted from UC Berkeley's waitlist in past years? Looking for advice- Thanks!
  3. Anyone recently waitlisted for UC Berkeley? Or any current students that were accepted off their waitlist in the past? Looking for advice- Thanks!
  4. Anyone heard anything from Berkeley yet?
  5. @histraveler have you heard anything from SDSU? I still haven't received anything in the mail and my application status on webportal still says they are reviewing my app.
  6. Glad I'm not the only one who hasn't heard anything! Although I will admit I am starting to worry :/ The whole admissions process is very mysterious. Hang in there guys! @histraveler @wanderlustinginstead.
  7. @wanderlustinginstead have you heard anything from SDSU yet? The wait is killing me! Would you mind sharing your stats as well?
  8. @jclay005 would you mind sharing your stats as well? Did you just get a letter in the mail or did you receive an email? I submitted my app on 10/21 last 60- 3.49 GRE- 4.5 and I had 1900 hours of experience at the time I submitted my app.... Haven't heard anything yet though and I'm incredibly anxious.
  9. @Karenn When you received your letter via mail, had your web portal already been updated? Would you mind sharing your stats?
  10. Anyone else heard anything from SDSU?
  11. Thanks @tine! They only gave you 7 days to respond with your decision? I know someone who was admitted and they were given until April to respond. I wish they gave us a little more information about how rolling admissions actually works- the wait is awful and all of the feedback from those who were admitted or from those who have spoken to faculty is very confusing!
  12. Has anyone else heard anything regarding admissions decisions? Wondering if those who have already been accepted will be the only wave of admissions.
  13. Thanks for sharing! I still haven't heard anything but my stats are similar to yours. So nervous!
  14. Hey everyone, I have been following along but have yet to contribute anything to the thread until now! I have also applied to SDSU's MSW program. For those who received their acceptances today would you mind sharing your stats and when you submitted your completed application? I did my undergrad at SDSU and my application was submitted early... but I have yet to see any kind of change to my admission status in web portal. Congrats you guys!
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