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  1. Hi @paigesparky! I was accepted to UC Berkeley, UW and PSU (out of the schools you are interested in). My GPA in undergrad was a 3.7, and I graduated back in 2012. I volunteered some during my senior year of college, but most of my professional experience came afterwards--I worked a domestic violence shelter for 2 years, then as a mental health counselor at an elementary school for 1 school year, and now I work for a mentoring program that works with youth in foster care. I second what @pickfights says about waiting a year or two to gain more experience; most schools look for those who have
  2. Hi! I just got accepted into Berkeley's Title IV-E Child Welfare Program!!! Yayyy! I committed today, so it is officially official! Excited to attend with you @pickfights!!! And @MSW2016 I have also heard great outcome stories for people who were wait listed to Berkeley! Keep up the hope! I'll be crossing my fingers for you
  3. Thank you! Congrats to you too! If I happen to see anything about the commitment deadline, I will definitely let you know!
  4. Oops! Now I just realized that this post is backdated from 2 years ago! I may still try and private message some of you
  5. Hi bellebruin! Just wanted to say that I'm grateful you posted this question. I have a couple Title IV E interviews coming up and I'm super nervous, so I too am looking for some guidance around the interview process, but also other experiences in the program. I spoke to a friend of a friend who is currently in the title IV E program at Berkeley, and she mentioned that the interviews are certainly very straightforward and they only last about 20-30 min. When is your interview next week? I have mine for Berkeley on Wednesday! The nerves are already settling in. Good luck!
  6. Thank you! And no problem...here are my stats: Began undergrad at Santa Barbara City College, then transferred to UC Santa Cruz and graduated with a B.A. in Sociology. My Jr/Sr GPA was a 3.71 and my overall GPA was a 3.57. 9 months volunteering at a women's counseling center. 2.5 years working as a case manager in a women's emergency domestic violence shelter 9 months working in a public school providing behavioral intervention to children with trauma-based behavioral needs Currently working as a case manager for families involved in CPS (similar to family preservatio
  7. Sorry for the confusion! Here is the link I used to get to the "decision status" page. https://appstatus.grad.ucla.edu/account/login.aspx Use the same log in info as you did for your UCLA application. I hope this is helpful! Good luck!
  8. Yay! I just got my acceptance this morning. As a heads up, I did NOT get an email, but got a notification on the application portal. So check that if you haven't. It sounds like they'll also be snail mailing an official hard copy letter. I'm so curious about their decision deadline...does anyone know when we need to notify them by? I'm holding out for Berkeley's Title IV E interviews still, and I won't have an answer from them till 3/18! Congratulations to everyone, and those waiting-- hold tight! Sending high hopes and positive vibes to you all!
  9. Oh and one more thing! The writing portion is really quick and did not seem to carry a lot of weight. The prompt was to write about the overall interview in a kind of "reflection piece"--things you enjoyed about the interview, and how the process made you feel about your grad school pursuits, etc. They even mentioned "this does not need to be a beautifully written essay, we just want another writing sample from you. And we do understand you are under a time constraint"...I would not stress about that part too much. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Hello! I interviewed with them about 2 weeks ago. They said they won't be sending out any acceptance notifications for about 5-6 weeks. The interview is pretty easy and goes by really fast. Be sure to dress appropriately (like professional job interview attire). You sit with a group of 5-7 other applicants and they have you answer a series of questions individually. Then you are given a vignette, and you have to work together with your group to answer the question and analyze the passage, then present back to the group. Here are some questions you should be ready to answer/keep in mi
  11. Hello! I was recently invited to interview for UC Berkeley's Title IV-E Child Welfare Training stipend program. I am reaching out to hopefully get some interview info from current or prospective Title IV-E Child Welfare MSW students (definitely not limited to Berkeley's program!) ! Has anyone completed an interview? How did it go? What was it like? How should I prepare? Any info would be much appreciated! Thank you all very much in advance! Good luck to everyone who has applied for programs and congrats to those who were already notified of their acceptances! This is such an exc
  12. Ah, this is very helpful! I did submit my scores well before I submitted my application. I really appreciate this info! I'll give them a call.
  13. Hello! Last month I applied to SFSU and UC Berkeley (among others), and they were the only schools that required GRE scores. I sent my scores to the schools directly from the testing center and my ETS score report page says that they had already been sent AND received. However, both schools have contacted me saying that have not received them. I called ETS so ask what the issue was, and they had no answer except "we already sent the scores there". I will definitely try to contact both school's admissions offices but this is SO STRESSFUL and I'm kind of freaking out. Has anyone else e
  14. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your input. I'll still try and reach the school and see what they say.
  15. Hello! I am applying to a handful of MSW programs, one being San Francisco State. I have a question for anyone who may be able to give me some information on their Statement of Purpose instructions. The instructions they have on the website are worded in a confusing way (of maybe I'm overthinking it). I've copy and pasted their prompt below so you can try and understand what they are requiring... Do you know if they'd like you to answer the questions briefly "In the space provided" (as they indicate), as well as submit a 3 page statement of purpose? Also, does anyone know if you they
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