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letter of rec mailing question

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Hi for the letters of recommendation i'm finding that most schools also have the professor fill out a form in addition to a normal letter of recommendation.


My question is for my schools that want paper copies did those of you in the past send both the form and the letter of recommendation in the same envelope?  I am in a bit of a bind as I need to prepare a few of my materials early for a professor that wants to write them now.


Thank you for the help!

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I'm interpreting your question 2 ways. If you're asking if you need to give your professor both forms in the same envelope, then yes.  I sent everything the professor needed in one envelope (along with a reminder of deadlines, my SoP/resume, and a stamped/addressed envelope).


If you're asking if you need to send the form and the letter from the professor to a school in the same envelope, then yes. Everything your professor fills out should be sent to the school together. 

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Yes to the 2nd one I already have my manila envelope fully stocked with an information packet haha.  I was hoping that the form and letter my professor write will go in the same envelope since I have one addressed and stamped empty envelope prepared. 


So form + her letter of recommendation both go inside a standard mailing envelope.  Good, thank you!


The dumb things you start to think about when applications start!  ^_^

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