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Unemployed now... settle for local state school this fall? or apply elsewhere for 2016 and possibly be jobless for a year?


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Hey gradcafe.


Long story short, after graduating with a BS Physics in 2011, I took a fulltime IT job and still can't land a job offer for something more relevant to my interests. Despite being very good in IT, I quit the job late last year due to unhappiness, promising myself to really push for a new career while looking at a MS Mechanical Engineering degree as a contingency plan.


Well, its now summer and 5 or 6 interviews and countless phone screenings later, no job offers. Over the last 7-8 months I continued job hunting while studying for the GRE's. Scored a q:163, v:159, w:4 on the GREs on my only try. Living with my parents got boring so I took 15 semester units in lower-div engineering at a community college from Jan '15- May '15 and got a 4.0.


I was only able to apply for San Jose State for their MS Mech Engineering program (their deadline for Fall is May 2015, so very late) and got in. However, dealing with the department has been a huge turn off, and the program just doesn't feel as strong as other schools. Honestly, while I would love to be back in school for Fall, the department is not as strong as I'd hope and the administration there has been dishearteningly unhelpful--a huge turn-off. I can't even speak with the graduate advisor because he is on vacation until the Fall semester begins.....


I would've preferred to attend other schools such as UC Davis or UC San Diego. Should I settle for San Jose State just because I have nothing else to do??

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