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Mailing letters of reference

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Hi, I know there is already a thread kind of on this topic, but....

I want to know a little more specifics. So my university is about an hour and a half away and a teacher asked me to leave documents at the clinic so he can write my letter of reference. I understand that all of the schools I am applying require one big packet to be mailed with all of the supporting documents.


But what do I leave my professor? I just want to be sure since I will be driving there tomorrow and I dont want to miss anything as it takes over 3 hours to complete the trip.

I believe he just fills out the verfication forms and signs it, writes his recommendation, maybe using an extra page if needed, and then signs over the seal of an envelope. Correct??


And then I include 3 of those letters of reference in my big packet (with everything else) I send to each university right?


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Thank you. yeah ill send em all that i have. I just didnt want to waste time driving and forget something, plus I am short and time and the prof. is only there thursdays.

Thanks again.

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