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Accepted Inc.'s GRE Study Guide?

Rose Tyler

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Last year when I was studying for the GRE I bought Accepted Inc's GRE Study Guide: Test Prep with Practice Questions. I went through the whole book, probably not as thoroughly as I should have, and when I took the GRE I didn't score as well as I hoped. I'm looking to retake it again and, while I'm looking into other study resources as well, I'm wondering if I should bother to give the guide another go.


Anyone else had success studying with it?

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Hi Rose Tyler,


You pose an interesting question: did you do enough prep work OR is the resource you used incomplete for YOUR needs. Before I can offer any insight into that question, I'd like to know a bit more about the work that you've done so far and your timeline/goals:


1) What did you score on the GRE?

2) How long did you study?

3) What is your goal score?


4) When are you planning to apply to School?

5) Do you know which Schools you plan to apply to?


GRE Masters aren't born, they're made,


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