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Top MS Programs.

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Hi everyone!


I'm a final year mathematics undergraduate student from India and I intend applying to the top MS programs in the US. I'm also considering ETH Zurich and EPFL.


Can somebody please tell me the best schools that offer a MS in applied math, computational math, statistics or anything related? 

Most top schools seem to only have doctoral programs. 


I have taken courses in Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Statistics and Probability, OR and many more , having done exceedingly well in some and above average in the others. 


I've also taken a few CS courses(Data Structures, Algorithm Design and a few more).

I know C, C++, MATLAB, LaTeX.


GRE Scores:

167 Q (could have scored 170 :( )

152 V( totally screwed the Verbal Section)

AWA (Expecting over 4)


Decent Projects done as part of my curriculum.

I think I'll manage a good SOP and get good LORs.


Will these scores hinder my chances of getting into a top university? Do I need to retake the GRE?


Do I have to take the GRE Subject Test to strengthen my application? From what I've heard, GRE subject test is required only for those applying for a Ph.D.


What are my chances of getting accepted into a top 20 program?


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I just want to echo what MathCat said above. You should definitely look into master's programs in Canada as well. From my research thus far on Canadian master's programs, if you choose the thesis option, you are usually funded. However, these master's programs admit mostly Canadian students.  


Given your fields of interest, you might want to consider master's programs at UBC, U of Toronto, and U of Waterloo. U of Waterloo has excellent master's and doctorate programs in all the fields on your list. 


Most top American statistics programs also have master's programs and their admissions rates are not as insane as their PhD programs. The catch is that these programs are not funded and scholarships are quite rare for master's students. 

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