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undergrad student conduct violation for grad school?


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Hi, I was just wondering if grad schools (specifically for psychology) ask about student conduct violations. During my Sophomore year, I was written up for underage possession of alcohol (just for conduct record, no official criminal charges or anything). Also, I did not receive any probations etc., I just had to meet with an officer to reflect on this incident. Do I have to disclose about this to grad school if it remains separately from academic records?

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I think many applications are like this one: http://www.umass.edu/gradschool/sites/default/files/nondegreeapp.pdf


If you go to the second page, you'll see that they ask if you've ever been found responsible for a conduct violation. It's unclear from your post whether you have or not. That said, it's really going to depend on the school. UMBC doesn't seem to ask at all: http://www.umbc.edu/gradschool/docs/forms/prospective_students/degree_application.pdf

Good luck!

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