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Should one mention what he'll do between after being admitted but before going to start on the MS degree?

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I am going to graduate this January (2016), and since I will have about 9 months before going to my Masters (if, fingers crossed, admitted) I decided to take some courses on my current university, where I hope to improve my background. To furthet clarify, I have a free spring term that I can do nothing since most decent graduate schools accept new students only on Fall, so I plan to spend my time at Spring on the university taking some courses.


I am an EE major  but since I plan to have my Masters on CS, I think this additional course thing will be helpful. I plan to take area specific and general fundamental courses on CS. I have a good background, yet it is not possible for a EE major to satisfy CS fundamentals perfectly in his undergrad. So, I also cannot fulfill every requirement to be admitted into a program yet they say that it's OK, as long as the student is willing to catch up with his fundamentals while studying MS degree.



Question. Should I mention on my SOP that I plan to do this? My only reservation is that I for some reason think they (admission committees) will not be happy about this, like having a backup plan.



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I can't see why not! I guess maybe you shouldn't make a whole big thing about it, but a lot of an SOP is supposed to be about your future research trajectory; I think these spring courses would clearly fit under that umbrella.

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