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Is age a factor?

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Is age a factor when applying to MPP/MPA programs?

I'm graduating early from my undergraduate studies. Should I go into the workforce? Or should I immediately apply for graduate school...

I really need some sort of advice...I have 3 years of Ag/environmental Policy exposure and many internships completed.

Goodness gracious, I'm so confused.

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Age is less a factor than is relevant work experience; the caveat, of course is that solid W/E only comes with time and age.

Schools aim to create a well-rounded class, covering the gamut of diverse characteristics and experiences. Private / public sector, academic / professional, young / old ... and so on. Your chances might be affected less by your age as an absolute factor, and more by the opportunities (or lack thereof) for unique and relevant W/E that have been afforded by your age -- making your age more of a relative, or indirect, factor.

If you feel your internship and other experiences have been really solid, and you are in a good place with your GREs, letters of recommendation and personal essays (not to mention your own courseload as you prepare to graduate), there is no harm in applying, and we wish you the best of luck. With that said, a few years of full-time work experience will only serve to enhance, not hinder, the strength of your application.

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