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SSN - previously issued?

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I previously have worked in the US (summer camp) and therefore have an SSN. I just wanted to check that this will stay the same for PhD, so on applications where it asks for SSN can I put the one I had 3 years ago (when I worked in the US).


Also, does it relate at all that I was based in Maine when I was issued that SSN and none of the schools I'm applying to are there?


Sorry - bit clueless.


Cheers for the responses in advance

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I'm no expert at this, but I would think that the old SSN is yours. A call to the social security administration can probably verify this (although I fully understand that their phone line is annoying).

But, I am sure that it being issued in Maine makes no difference. Social Security is federal, so it doesn't matter where in the US it was issued.

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The SSN stays the same. That said, if there is a way not to give it in the applications, I would do that. The schools don't actually need it -- they do just fine with international students who don't have a SSN at all. It'd be just a bunch more databases your SSN would sit in that could get hacked and end up causing you a lot of grief. Identity theft is a real problem in the US. 

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